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While Rob Tucher was born and raised in New Jersey, with only two short stints as a resident elsewhere (Washington DC/Virginia and New York State), he has spent much of his professional career on the road. He has visited fully 48 of the 50 states, many of these in a professional capacity, and hopes to add Alaska and Montana to his tally in any capacity. He was born in the now-defunct Muhlenberg Hospital in Plainfield, New Jersey in October of 1956 and went through the public school systems in Dunellen and Bridgewater, and then on to Rutgers University, attaining a Communications BA in 1979. Twenty years later, Rob went back to school and secured his certificate in Historic Preservation from Drew University in1999.

During a period of employment with the USDA Forest Service, Rob met and was later assigned to bird photographer L. John Trott, and teacher and summer employee. This was a pivotal experience, and John became his mentor and friend. Rob turned his attentions to photographing birds at every and all opportunities and garnered quite a few publishing credits, including a cover of the National Audubon Society’s American Birds journal in July 1981, and numerous inclusions in their and others’ guidebooks, bird books, magazines and journals. But with all of this, Rob quickly discovered that, outside of a secure government job, income didn’t quite measure up to time devoted so he turned his attentions to a somewhat more lucrative endeavor.

He has operated Rob Tucher Photographic Documentation (PhotoDoc) as sole proprietor since 1979, but his introduction to large-format historic structures photography was not to begin until 1983. He has produced a huge volume of work to the exacting standards of the Historic American Buildings Survey (HABS) and the Historic American Engineering Record (HAER) and the Historic American Landscape Survey (HALS). He has recorded historic structures throughout the United States, from Maine to southern California, the State of Washington to Florida, in addition to Puerto Rico and Hawaii and most routinely shoots in the formats accepted by HABS, HAER, and HALS - 4"x5", 5"x7", and 8"x10.” Mr. Tucher utilizes an extensive range of camera formats and film types that also include 7"x17", 11"x14", and 12"x20", as well as panoramic No. 10 Cirkut photography and 5”x7” aerial (he slits his own film for both from wide stock rolls) and high-resolution digital capture, and has an extensive arsenal of modern and vintage equipment that allows him to approach assignments with the most appropriate tools. Mr. Tucher is fully conversant in black and white, archival darkroom processing and printing techniques, and negative-scanning and “digital contact print” procedures. He has taken photographs for the National Park Service on several occasions of numerous subjects.

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